Manchester Airport on Trial verdict to be annnounced TODAY!

After a fantastic day yesterday, we’ve just got news that the judge is expecting to announce his verdict on the six defendants in the Manchester Airport on Trial case this afternoon.

It’s a bit earlier than we expected, but we’re really hopeful for the right outcome. With the strength of arguments from our panel of expert witnesses, we’re sure the judge can’t help but be convinced!

Yesterday we heard from Kevin Anderson, from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research, whose testimony on the effects of climate change and the role played by aviation emissions was as terrifying as it was inspiring. He told us that “every day we are reducing the chances of living a reasonably liveable future,” and that only if we all take action now can we hope to keep global warming to anything resembling manageable levels. You can read his full report, as submitted to the court, here.

Today Lib Dem Councillor Martin Eakins told the court how local councillors voted unanimously against the expansion plans but were totally ignored by the owner of the airport, Manchester City Council. Local resident, Peter Johnson, described the proposed demolition of his family home – you can read more about the threat to the Hasty Lane community on the Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport blog. Hasty Lane’s been twinned with the village of Sipson at Heathrow, who finally triumphed over similar plans to bulldoze their village by Heathrow airport last year.

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  1. Great cause you guys are fighting, good luck with it :)

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